Tips to Plan and Order Healthy Meals for Your Family

Eating healthy is not difficult, but planning your menu can help you stay on track. By planning a few meals a week, you’ll make the time more enjoyable for you and your children. You’ll also be able to organize your pantry and shopping list and avoid the stress of preparing meals. Here are some tips to help you plan and order meals from reputable healthy restaurants in Dubai for your family. Then, you can enjoy the meal without the worry of the preparation.

Order whole-grain meals:

Ordering whole-grain meals is a great way to keep your family healthy. Instead of white rice, choose brown rice. You can find these in most supermarkets. You can also order meals with a theme. For instance, you can choose dishes from the same country as your child, so that he can learn about its culture and language. You can even order them in the form of a takeaway or delivery.

Use vegetables:

Using vegetables is another way to keep your kids’ plate full of healthy food. Keeping them close to the counter is also easy to sneak in some extra veggies and fruit. The same goes for the chips and sweets in the kitchen. Just remember to serve them separately from the main meal. By doing this, you’ll be saving yourself sometime later. You’ll be saving money and giving your family the best nutrition possible.

Consider the portion size:

When ordering your meals, consider the portion size. Aim for a balanced meal that includes non-starchy vegetables. Then, a quarter of the plate should be made up of whole grains. For each of your plates, make sure that at least half is made up of vegetables. A half-half of the plate should be non-starchy. The other half should be filled with unrefined carbohydrates, which can combine whole grains and legumes.

Choose whole grains over refined ones whenever possible. Some nutrition recommends choosing half of the grains your family eats should be whole. If you can’t find whole wheat pasta or bread, you can substitute quinoa or whole-wheat couscous. If you’re worried about finding quinoa or bulgur, these can be difficult to find, but they have double the protein of brown rice. This can help you prepare healthy meals that will satisfy your family.

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