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Potential Side Effects of Tooth Whitening

White teeth, as much as they are preferred, require a little reflection if you are planning on a tooth whitening procedure. It comes with its own list of potential side effects that the tooth whitening product may pose. It is always better to take care of your teeth so that you can save them from such expensive and troubling treatments. There are foods even that can help in restoring the whiteness of the teeth. The teeth whitening solutions, as they are made of chemicals have negative impacts on the skin and tissues which are delicate and vulnerable.  Even if you look for the best dental clinic in Dubai, he cannot assure you of no side effects at all.

Side Effects and Outcome

The side effects vary from person to person. Some may experience more than the others.

Tissue Irritation

The whitening solution if reaches the gum tissue can result in soft tissue irritation. The soft tissue irritation is also called chemical burn. The chemicals in the solution react with the tissues of your gum. Your gums will appear white as the solution touches the gum. It will take time for the gum tissue to return to its normal condition. However, many patients are scared when they observe it as the whole scene can be disturbing and shocking if you are not prepared for it. A prolonged exposure to the whitening solution can cause inflammation. In some patients it has even caused bleeding and immense pain. The reaction varies from person to person as the skin type of every person is different.


You will come across sensitivity in your teeth after or during the whitening process. The dentin layer gets exposed during the process. If you are someone who has sensitivity issues, you may want to consult your doctor first before you decide for a whitening treatment. Getting the whitening done more than often causes your teeth to appear grey with time. The creamy white appearance is lost. For those who have crowns and caps or filling, the whitening solution won’t work on them.

You can search for laser teeth whitening in Dubai which is a less painful method to get the job done. It may be expensive, and you might need to go again for the treatment after some time to renew the whiteness, it will have no side effects.