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Finding The Best Tourism Deals In Dubai

It is known as the top tourism destination in the GCC region and for a good reason. It almost seems that a lot of planning has gone into developing this city into a major tourism spot. We see a trend at work here and judging by the looks of it, there is no stopping. The trend is likely to continue and will provide plenty more tourism opportunities to tourists coming from all over the world. So, if Dubai is a great tourism spot, what is in it for the customers and tourists? That’s a million-dollar question but has been asked over and over. You see, everyone knows Dubai the tourism spots to be, but what is in it that attracts visitors? It is the presence of affordable tours that you can buy with ease. In fact, the hotel you went to stay will offer you a number of tourism packages knowing that you are here as a tourist.

So, a head start to your Dubai tour one can say there is more to it. An affordable tour will not cost you more than AED 100 including visiting different destinations in the city backed by tasty cuisine. Every package is different and will cost you different as well. Some will cost you more than 200 or more but will offer more places to visit and more options for hoteling. Here is more that you will find yourself doing in Dubai in your upcoming trip:

Shopping Trips

It is impossible to stay away from shopping while you are here at Dubai. There is a high probability that your shopping trip will start with Dubai Shopping Festival if you are here during the month of March. If not, any form shopping will do but it will nothing short of a festival anyway.


Being at Dubai and not visiting one of the most amazing hotels in the world sounds a little strange. In fact, your trip advisers will take you to some by themselves. You will enjoy every bit of your stay in the hotel. Seeing the marvel of Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the region itself is an amazing experience. From consuming food to enjoying the helicopter trip, to a Rolls Royce ride to the city, your trip will be as costly and five star as it gets. However, if you are a little short on budget, there are other hotel and luxury ride options available to you as well. This time, you can book a rent a car for a few days and enjoy the trip in your favorite car brand, though it will cost you less, but it is worth your time.